UZI Clone - IMI UZI Model B

The IMI UZI, was the first major postwar submachine gun.

IMI Semi-Auto UZI Model B.

The UZI is named after its designer, Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Major Uzeil Gal.  It was designed in the 1940s, prototyped in 1950, and accepted into service with the IDF in 1954.  The UZI was the second most widely used submachine gun behind the HK MP-5.  It has been used by police and military forces in over 90 countries, including  the German GSG9 counter-terrorist forces and U.S. Secret Service.

The UZI uses a bolt that fits around the barrel, allowing it to have lower weight and a shorter overall length.   On full auto versions, it is an open bolt design, while on semi-autos (SA), it fires from the closed bolt design.  Originally chambered in 9mm Parabellum, it was also offered in .45 ACP, and .41 Action Express (AE).  There were conversion kits for .45 ACP, .41 AE, 9mm, and .22 Long Rifle (LR).  Caliber conversion, can be accomplished without tools and only requires replacement of the barrel, the bolt, and the magazine; utilizing the same procedure as field stripping the weapon.   The gun was also offered with fixed wooden and folding metal stocks.  

The standard military version is in 9mm, has a 10.2 barrel, and a fixed wood or folding metal stock.  It also has a bayonet lug.  The original magazines for 9mm were 20 rounds but later, 25 round and eventually 32 round magazines became standard.  

Eventually, the design was further developed into the Mini UZI and Micro UZI which were smaller versions focused on diplomatic protection.  Pre 1989 Ban Semi-Auto versions were actually produced by Israeli Military Industries (IMI).  In addition to the conversion from open bolt to closed bolt, they shipped with 16” barrels, and shorter dummy barrel for display purposes.   In the late 1990s clones appeared on the U.S. civilian market manufactured by Norinco, then Vector Arms and eventually Century Arms.  They Vector Arms and Century Arms versions are still in production.


Version - IMI UZI Semi Auto

Caliber - .45” ACP, .41” AE, 9mm and .22” LR

Receiver - Stamped Steel

Action - Blowback with Closed Bolt.

Butt Stock - Plastic and Metal Folding Stock. 

Pistol Grip:  Metal and Plastic with Grip Safety.

Hand Guards - Plastic.

Barrel - 16.1”.  Also Fake 8” Barrel for display (replicates Full-Auto UZI with 10” Barrel).

Overall Length - 24.4” with stock collapsed, 31.5” extended. 

Weight - 8.4 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - Detachable Box:  .45” ACP, 16 rd;  9mm, 25 rd and 32 rd; 41” AE, 10 rd; and .22” LR 10 rd.

Sights - Dual Aperture and post.

Bayonet - Can Attach 6.625” Blade but would extend less than the barrel.

Muzzle Device - None.

UZI Model B with Stock Fully Open

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