The SIG P365 pack incredible firepower in as small package.

SIG P365 with 10 rd magazine with extended baseplate.

The Sig Sauer P365 is an incredible gun design and packs about as much firepower as a pocket gun can have.  The first thing Sig did to develop the P365 was design the smallest possible magazine that could hold 10 rounds or 9mm.  They then designed the gun around magazine.   Having a polymer grip frame enabled the designers to make the gun barely thicker than the magazine.

To give an idea of the size, the specs below compare the 9mm P365 to the .380” ACP Sig P238 in size.

Measurement                               SIG P238              SIG P365            P365 Difference

Overall Length                                   5.5”                       5.8”                 0.3”:      5% Longer

Overall Height                                    3.9”                      4.3”                                0.4”:     10% Taller

Overall Weight                                  1.1”                       1.0”                   0.1”:     11% Narrower

Weight (Unloaded)                            15.2 oz                 17.8 oz                 2.6 oz:  17% Heavier

So, the P365 is only a little bit longer and taller and weighs less than 3 oz more than the P238.  Importantly for concealed carry it is actually a little bit narrower than a P238.   Yet, despite being only 0.3” longer than the P238, its barrel is 0.4” longer.  It also packs considerably more firepower in the slightly larger package.  While the P238 is a .380” ACP, the P365 is a 9mm and is even +P rated.  The larger magazines result in around 60% more available rounds with each round delivering around 50% more energy (90g .380 ACP vs 115g 9mm) when firing the Sig Sauer Elite V-Crown hollow point ammo designed for these guns.

Measurement                              SIG P238               SIG P365            P365 Difference

Capacity with Standard Mag               6 + 1                      10 + 1                4 rds:    57% More

Capacity with Larger Mag                  7 + 1                       12 + 1                5 rds:    63% More

Muzzle Energy*                             192 ft/lbs                 282 ft/lbs           90 ft/lbs:  47% More

Having all this 9mm firepower in a package barely larger than a .380 ACP pocket pistol is revolutionary.  It narrower shorter and only 0.05” taller than a single stack 9mm tGlock 43 but carries 4 to 6 more rounds of 9mm.  The P365 could have been even lighter, but Sig Sauer chose to go with a slide that is heavy enough to dampen the recoil and doesn’t require an overly stiff recoil spring.  Due to this it is easier to rack the slide back than almost any concealed carry handgun.  It also has an excellent trigger.   Finally, it comes with tritium night sights.

The P365 is a revolutionary step in concealed carry handgun design.  It offers unprecedented firepower in a pocket carry sized handgun.  Its major drawback is that it is so popular, it is very difficult to find.  It has become SIGs best selling pistol and there are now several versions:

        - P365:  Standard version available both with and without an external safety.

        - P365 SAS:  Same size as standard but with a ported barrel and an FT Bullseye Fiber Tritium occluding sight.  Not available with an external safety.

        - P365 XL:  This version is 0.8” longer and 0.5” taller than the standard P365.  This increase in size enables it to have up to a 15 round magazine and 3.6” barrel

        - P365 XL Romeo Zero:  This is a P365 XL with a SIG Romeo Zero Red Dot sight.


Version - SIG P365

Caliber - 9 x 19mm Parabellum

Frame -  Micro-Compact Polymer with SIG P365 rail.  

Slide - Steel Micro-Compact Size 

Action - Single Action, Short Recoil, Striker Fired.

Grips - Integral with with polymer frame.

Barrel - 3.1”

Overall Length - 5.8”.  

Weight - 1.11 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 10 rd and 12 rd detachable box.  15 rd magazines from P365 XL also fit with sleaves. 

Sights - SIG X-RAY3 Day & Night Notch and Blade Tritium 3-Dot with front dot having a green fiber optic surround.

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