The SIG Sauer P238 Rainbow is one of the many versions of the SIG P238 series of pistols.

SIG Sauer P238 Rainbow with standard 6rd Magazine.

One of the most interesting SIG P238 versions is the P238 Rainbow.  This version has a rainbow of colors on the slide, grip screws, magazine release, slide release and safety.  SIG uses Titanium PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition.  This technology creates a coating that is slick, so moving parts move well, protective, and durable; while being microscopically thin.  The use of titanium for the process creates a brilliant rainbow effect similar to a brilliant charcoal blueing.  The colors also change depending upon the angle of the light hitting the surfaces where the effect is applied.

SIG uses the Titanium PVD on the entire slide, slide release lever, safety lever, magazine release lever, grip screws and frame pins.  These contrast with a standard black nitro coated frame.  Finally, rosewood grips with stippling and engraved SIG Sauer logotypes finish the gun.  This gun retains the low recoil, excellent accuracy, and fast follow-up shot characteristics inherent in the SIG P238 design.


Version - SIG P238 Rainbow

Caliber - .380” ACP

Frame -  Micro-Compact Steel with Titanium PVD coating on Slide Release Lever, Safety Lever, Magazine Release, and Frame Pins.  

Slide - Stainless Steel Micro-Compact Size with a Titanium PVD coating.

Action - Single Action, Short Recoil.

Grips - Rosewood with Stippling, SIG Sauer Logotype, and Titanium PVD Grip Screws.

Barrel - 2.7”

Overall Length - 5.5”.  

Weight - 0.95 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 6 rd detachable box.  Standard 7 rd SIG P238 magazines will also work.

Sights - SIGLITE Tritium 3 Dot notch and blade.

Left side of SIG Sauer P238 Rainbow showing rainbow effect on the slide, slide release, safety, mag release, and screws.

SIG P238 Legion, top, with SIG P238 Rainbow, below, showing a wide variation between two high end versions.

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