The SIG Sauer P238 Legion is the top of the line version of the SIG P238 series of pistols.

SIG Sauer P238 Legion.

The SIG Sauer P238 is one of the most popular concealed carry pistols and has been produced in over 20 variations of slide, grip, and frame finish.  All are essentially updated versions of Colt’s .380 ACP Mustang.  In many ways the gun is a scaled down M1911.  It even is single action only with cocked and locked carry.  This makes it very safe, with the positive safety, while having a single action trigger pull that promotes accuracy.  All of the P238s feature excellent SIGLITE tritium night sights.  Sig Sauer has been so successful with their miniature 1911, that Colt has put the Mustang back into production and Kimber and Springfield armory now offer their own miniature 1911s, the Micro and 911 respectively.  

All P238s have low recoil due to their steel construction and are more fun to shoot than typical micro-compact pistols.  This low recoil also enables excellent accuracy and very rapid follow up shots.  Finally, the wide variety of variants enables a degree of personalization without having to resort to a gun smith.

SIG Sauer has also offered a Legion version of the P238.  The Legion P238, builds upon the excellent P238 and is even easier to shoot well.  Sig Legions are special editions of SIG Sauer firearms with upgrades typical in a customized firearm.  Purchasing one of these guns makes one a member of the SIG Legion.  This gives one access to a special section of their website where one can order accessories, knives, and clothing only available to Legion members.  Members also gain access to special Legion only events and even the opportunity to pre-order special firearms books.  The P238 Legion has the following upgrades to the standard P238:

        - Front and rear grip checkering.

        - Front Slide serrations

        - A milled flat trigger

        - Ambidextrous Safety

        -  Carry melt treatment to bevel and smooth any sharp corners

        - Legion Gray Cerakoting

        - G10 Grips with Legion Medallions

        - SigLight X-Ray Tritium sights

        - Flared Magazine Well Extension

        - Special 7 Round Magazines with Bumpers (Normal SIG P238 magazines cannot be used)


Version - SIG P238 Legion

Caliber - .380” ACP

Frame -  Micro-Compact Steel with a Legion Gray Nitron Coating.

Slide - Stainless Steel Micro-Compact Size with a Legion Gray Nitron Coating.

Action - Single Action, Short Recoil.

Grips - G10 with Legion Medallions

Barrel - 2.7”

Overall Length - 5.5”.  

Weight - 0.95 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 7 rd detachable box.  These magazines are not interchangeable with standard P238 magazines.

Sights - SIG X-RAY3 Day & Night Notch and Blade Tritium 3-Dot with front dot having a green fiber optic surround.

Colt Mustang Based Micro .380” ACPs clockwise from top left:  SIG P238 Legion, Kimber Micro Crimson Carry, Kimber Micro Two-Tone, and SIG P238 Rainbow.

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