The SIG M11-A1 based upon the P229 is the current version of the P228 based M11.

The SIG M11-A1 is a cross between the, no longer manufactured P228, and current P229.

The Sig Sauer M11 was a military version of the Sig P228 and adopted by the U.S. military.  The P228 was a compact version of the P226 and used by personnel where a full-size pistol would not be appropriate, OSI Investigators, undercover USN intelligence and aircrews.  Currently it is the pistol used by the USAF OSI, USN Intelligence Service, and USN and USMC aviators, when on combat missions.  As the P228 is no longer manufactured, the M11-A1 is a variant of the P229, that incorporates the M11 features.  The changes include:

        - Nitron coated slide and phosphate coated internal parts to resist salt water corrosion.  

        - SIGLITE Tritium Night Sights.

        - Short Reset Trigger, allowing extremely rapid follow-up shots.

        - Reprofiled Trigger Guard.

        - 3 magazines with redesigned followers allowing 15 rounds, instead of 13 in each magazine.

        - Military Standard UID Label and SIG engraving on the slide.

The M11-A1 is produced with both the standard black finish or with a flat dark earth finish.


Version - SIG Sauer M11-A1

Caliber - 9 x 19mm Parabellum

Frame - Alloy with M1913 rail for weapon light mounting and phosphate coated Internal components for salt water resistance.

Slide - Steel.

Action - Double/Single Action, Short Recoil.

Grips - Black Plastic.

Barrel - 3.9”

Overall Length - 7.1”.  

Weight - 1.85 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 15 rd detachable box.  

Sights - 3 Dot SIGLITE Tritium Notch and Blade.

U.S. Military SIG Sauer Pistols, clockwise from top left:  P226 Navy with M6X Light/Laser, M11-A1, M17, and MK-25D with U300X Light

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