Russian SKS45

The Russian SKS45 was the initial version of the SKS semi-automatic rifle.

Russian SKS45 Manufactured in the 1950s

The Simonov, or SKS, carbine was the primary issue rifle for the USSR from the end of WWII until the 1950s.  Though the SKS was competitive when designed, it was no match for the AK-47 which quickly replaced it in front line service.  However, it continued to be produced into the 1960s for military use by Soviet satellite states and it was in production into the 1980s by the Chinese.  The Chinese manufactured many millions of examples for both domestic use and export.  The ultimate version of the SKS was the Yugoslavian which had many refinements.

The Russian SKS was made from 1945 thru the 1950s.  This gun was the primary issue for the USSR from the end of WWII until the AK-47 appeared.  Many unissued ones were imported by KBI in the 1990s as the SKS-45.    

The quality on the Russian SKSs is far superior to the Chinese.  The metal has no outwardly visible tooling marks, except for the bolt channels.  On the unissued rifles, the bolt was chromed and all metal parts were highly polished.  The wood was in excellent condition on the unissued rifles as well.


Version - Russian 1950s Era SKS45

Caliber - 7.62x39mm.

Receiver - Milled with a chromed Bolt.  Cyrillic Markings and a stamp for the Tula (star with arrow) or Izhesvk (triangle with arrow).

Barrel - Chrome lined with permanently attached folding blade bayonet.

Stock - Wood (Some Laminated)

Magazine - 10 rd integral box.

Sights - Notched Ladder and Hooded Post.

Bayonet - 9.5” Integral under-folding blade

The initial Russian SKS45 variant above the ultimate Yugoslavian M59/66 variant

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