P90 Clone - FN PS90

The FN PS90 is a civilian version of a very advanced personal defense weapon.

PS90 with Magazine in Place

The PS90 is a personal defense weapon designed at the same time and around the same round (5.7x28mm) as the FN Five-seveN pistol.  The PS90 is meant to be a short range self defense weapon for support personal, much like the M1 Carbine in World War II.   

The gun is was first fielded in 1990 and still is very modern with a bull-pup design, polymer shell and ambidextrous controls.  The empty casing drop out a hole just behind the grip.  Its action is straigh blowback, so it has some heft in spite of the polymer construction, due to the heavy bolt.  It also fires from a closed bolt in all versions which improves the accuracy.  The magazine is located on the top and twists the round 90 degrees prior to feeding them into the action.  The magazine also holds 50rds, though the civilian PS90 version ships with 30rd or 10rd magazines.

The 5.7x28mm round it fires looks like a miniaturized rifle round.  It has only a 27 grain or 40 grain bullet bullet but out of the PS90s 16” barrel, the muzzle velocity is 2,650 fps and 2,100 fps, respectively.  These high velocities mean that the rounds impart around 350 ft lbs of energy, which is comparable to a 9mm round.  However, these rounds have substantially less recoil than the 9mm making for very fast follow up shots and good accuracy, even for relatively untrained personnel.

The FN PS90 is a civilian version of the FN P90 with three differences:

1. The PS90 is semi-automatic, while the P90 can fire both semi and fully automatic.

2.  The PS90 has a 16.04” barrel, while the P90 has a 10” barrel.  This means the PS90 has higher muzzle velocities.

3.  The sights on the PS90 are currently a pictatinny rail with small backup iron sights.  The original military P90s had a rather poor quality built in optic.  This was subsequently replaced by top and side picatinny rails to mount various red dot and other optics.  The current civilian PS90 is delivered with just the top rail.  However, side rails can be added an the original military scope can be attached if desired.

The P90/PS90 has been very successful commercially, being fielded by military and anti-terrorist forces of over 30 countries and more than 200 Federal and police agencies in the United States alone.  The PS90 civilian version has also sold well, especially considering that it has never been cheap.  Furthermore, its futuristic looks have led to it being in several science fiction movies and televisions series.


Version - FN PS90 Standard

Caliber - 5.7x28mm

Receiver - Alloy receiver and bolt with Polymer Shell and M193 Rail section at top.

Action -  Straight Blowback Closed Bolt Butt Stock .

Pistol Grip, Hand Guards, and Stock - All in one polymer shell with double hand holds.

Hand Guards - Double hand holds instead.

Barrel - 16.04” chrome lined and hammer forged.

Overall Length - 26.2”

Weight - 6.3 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 10, 30, or 50 rd Detachable Box (all magazines are the same outer dimensions)

Sights - Picatinny Rail Section with Aperture and Post underneath.

Bayonet - Not present on P90/PS90 designs.

Muzzle Device - Flash Suppressor.

Initial Civilian Market 5.7x28mm Guns:  FN FiveseveN Pistol and PS90 Carbine (with Nikon Tactical Spur on Rail).

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