MP5 Clone - PTR-9C

The PTR-9C is a clone of the MP5 manufactured in the USA by PTR Industries.

The PTR-9C is a stockless US manufactured MP5, classified as a pistol by the ATF.

PTR Industries is widely known for offering multiple variations of the H&K G3/91.  PTR acquired the Portuguese G3 tooling and starting in 2004 began producing G3 from military parts sets with limited US components as required by law.  Now the G3s are almost entirely US made.   It was natural for them to move into the MP5 clone market.  However, they did not have tooling available.  So, PTR Industries reverse engineered the MP5 to produce and entirely US made MP5.

Launched in 2018; the PTR-9C was PTRs first MP5 variant.  It is a stockless MP5 offered as the 9C (3 lugged barrel) and 9CT (3 lugged and threaded barrel) and classified as a pistol by the ATF.  In 2020, they began offering the PTR-9KT which is a stockless MP5K clone and the 9R, which is a stocked rifle version with a 16” barrel.

These guns are generally exact copies of MP5s except for the clipped trigger housing (required on all semi-auto versions by the ATF), metal M-LOK handguards of PTRs own design, and milled Picatinny rail on the top of the receiver.  They can use standard MP5 magazines and most MP5 accessories, including SB Tactical stabilizing arm braces.

Unlike the latest H&K civilian MP5 versions (SP5 and SP5K) the PTRs have paddle magzine releases, full auto bolts, and actual diopter (instead of v-notch) sights.  The fully auto bolts and lack of receiver shelf enable the PTR-9C to be converted to full auto via a drop in auto-sear.  The workmanship is also as good or better than the H&K even though the PTR9C typically sells for $1,000 or more less than the H&K.  

The PTR9C ships with 2 magazines, a single point bungie sling, and a sight adjustment tool.  It ships in a waterproof SKB deployment case with a custom foam insert.


Version - PTR-9C

Caliber - 9 x 19mm Parabellum

Receiver - Stamped Steel.

Action - Roller Delayed Blowback.

Butt Stock - End Cap.  Can be replaced by an SB Tactical Arm Brace.  Cannot use HK Stocks without becoming a NFA Short Barreled Rifle.

Pistol Grip - Navy Style Polymer Lower.

Hand Guards - Metal M-LOK. Can be replaced by HK Style Forearms.

Barrel - 8.9”.

Overall Length - 17.6”.

Weight - 5.1 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - Takes 30rd or 15rd MP5 Pattern Magazines.  Ships with Clear Plastic ETTS Magazines.

Sights - HK Diopter and Hooded Post.  Picatinny Rail Section On Receiver.

Bayonet - Not present on MP5 designs.

Muzzle Device - None, but 3 HK Style Lugs for quick attach and detach of devices.

PTR-9C with HK style Forearm, HK Magazines and SB Tactical HKPDW Arm Brace shown both collapsed and extended.

PTR-9C as shipped with SKB Tactical Case and ETTS Magazine.

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