MP5 Clone - HK MP5SD6 .22” Caliber

The HK MP5SD6 in .22” Caliber is a faithful replica of a real MP5SD6 manufactured for HK by Walther.

The MP5SD6 with the collapsible stock extended.

The MP5SD6 is an externally faithful recreation of the current suppressed collapsible stock MP5, also called the MP5SD6.  It has metal parts where the parts are metal on the real gun, unlike the earlier unliscensed GSG made clones.  The only discernable external differences are the fact that the suppressor is around 2" longer than the real gun and that the magazines, though matching the profile of the 9mm version have a slot to facilitate loading of .22" cal bullets.

The suppressor is, in fact, a compensator and not a real suppressor which would require a Class III license to obtain. The folding stock operates like the real thing and is metal and the lower is a faithfull recreation of a current Navy lower, though missiing the full-auto selection.  The diopter sights are also metal and the magazine well has both push button and flapper releases.


Version - HK MP5SD6 in .22” Caliber

Caliber - .22”

Receiver - Stamped Metal by Walther.

Action - Blowback.

Butt Stock - MP5SD6 Style Collapsible Stock.

Pistol Grip - Navy Style Lower

Hand Guards - Rounded MP5SD Style.

Barrel - 16.2” with MP5SD Suppressor Style Shroud - Not a real suppressor.

Overall Length - 32.5” long extended and 26.5" long collapsed 

Weight - 7.45 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - Takes 25rd Detachable Box.

Sights - HK Diopter and Hooded Post.

Bayonet - Not present on MP5 designs

Muzzle Device - None, but 3 HK Style Lugs for quick attach and detach of devices.

HK MP5SD6 in .22” Caliber show with stock collapsed

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