Mossberg 590A1

The Mossberg 590 was, for many years, the standard issue shotgun for the Navy Seals.

Mossberg 590A1 with Speed Feed Stock and bayonet attached.

The The Pump Action Shotgun is the most popular style of shotgun.  Pump Actions are known for their reliability and ease of use.  They are widely used by civilians for hunting and defense and by the military and police as a close quarters combat weapon.  The most common pump action shotguns are:

        - Benelli Nova and Super Nova Series.

        - Mossberg Model 500 and 590 Series.

        - Remington 870 Series.

        - Winchester Model 1300/SXP Series.

After AR-15 variants, the Mossberg, Remington, and Winchester pump action shotguns are the best selling guns, with designs that have been on the market for many decades.

The Mossberg 590A1 is combat optimized Mossberg 500 series pump action shotgun.  It has several features that differentiate it from the standard hunting shotgun including:

        - 20” Counterbored Barrel (for firing slugs) with a ventilated heat shield.

        - 9 round full length magazine tube.

        - Speed feed stock with room for 2 rounds on each side.

        - Bayonet lug for an M7 or M9 bayonet.

        - Parkerized finish and Marine Coated internals.

This shotgun is extremely reliable and, since 1987, has been the primary shotgun of the Navy SEALs and USMC.  However, it is currently being replaced by the Benelli M1014 semi-auto shotgun.  Also, being a lightweight 12 gauge it can have punishing recoil.


Version - Mossberg 590A1 with Speed Feed Stock, Heat Shield and Bayonet Lug

Caliber - 12 Gauge 3” (also 2 3/4”).  

Receiver - Alloy.

Action - Pump Action.

Butt Stock - Composite synthetic with 2rd spring loaded recesses on each side.

Hand Guard - Composite synthetic.

Barrel - 20.0”.

Overall Length - 41.0”.  

Weight - 7.25 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 8 rd Tubular (2 ¾”) and 4 rds in Speed Feed Stock.

Sights - Brass Bead

Bayonet - Lug for US M7 or M9 Bayonet.

Muzzle Device - None.

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