M4A3 Clone - Stag Arms 2R

The Colt LE6920 is a semi-auto version of the U.S. M4 Carbine.

Colt LE6920 Outfitted as a Special Operations Carbine with a SOPMOD rail and butt stock, Burris XTR scope, Harris bipod, and Surefire flashlight.

The Stag 2R is one of the highest quality clones of the current M4A3 Carbine issued to the U.S. military beginning in the 2000s and built closer to mil spec than any other AR except Colts and FNs, which split the military production contract.

Stag Arms is best known for making left handed ARs.  However, after Colt and FN, which actually have the DoD contracts for manufacturing complete rifles; Stag Arms manufactures more AR-15 and M-16 components than anyone else.  Stag actually supplies receivers for many AR-15 manufacturers including the highly regarded Smith & Wesson M-15 series.  Stag, along with Colt and Bushmaster, is one of the only AR manufacturers producing all major components in house.  The fit and finish on the Stag 2R is exceptional.

The M4s are very popular due to their modularity.  Replacing the hand guards with a rail system enables one to fit all manner of primary and backup sights; lasers, weapon lights, and bipods.  This has revolutionized combat.  Some may argue that the M4 lacks takedown power, but with the latest optics and other devices, the percentage of hits on enemy targets in combat has increased dramatically, with even headshots being common past 100 yards.  The gun shown above has the following accessories installed:

        - A.R.M.S. 40 L Low Profile Back Up Iron Sight (BUIS)

        - B5 SOPMOD Stock with Battery Compartments.

        - Burris XTR II 1 - 5 x 24 Scope with an illuminated 5.56 Ballistic Reticle in a Burris PEPR cantilevered scope mount.

        - Burris Fast Fire 3 Mini Holographic sight.

        - Knights Armament RAS (Rail Attachment System) with Knights Armament RAS Panels and Handgrip.

        - Harris 1A2 Model BRM bipod on a CG&G 1388 Adapter

        - Surefire M952XM107 Weapons Light on QD Mount and with IR Filter.

        - Colt 20rd magazine

        - Side Sign Swivel Attachment at front sight.

        - Blackhawk 3 Tactical Point Sling with QD Buckle.


Version - Stag Arms 2R

Caliber - 5.56x45mm (optimized for heaver bullets like the M855/SS109)

Receiver - Alloy with all M4A3 features including M1913 rail with Magpul MBUS, forward bolt assist, shell deflector, and magazine release fence.

Action - Gas Operated Direct Impingement

Barrel - 16.1” chrome lined, HBAR profile with a 1 in 9 twist.  This barrel is 1.6” longer than a standard M4 Carbine barrel.

Overall Length 35.5” extended and 32.5” collapsed

Weight - 6.95 lbs.

Hand Guard - M16A2 composite with correct diameter and heat shields.

Pistol Grip - M16A2 composite.

Stock - M4 Carbine, 6 position, collapsible composite.

Magazines - Mil Spec 30 rd detachable box. Can take any standard AR magazine.

Bayonet - Lug present but needs special bayonet, because the barrel and front attachment are 1.6” longer than a standard M4 Carbine.

Sights - ARMS 40 Backup Iron Sight and Post.  However, can be equipped with any Picatinny Rail friendly sight, as shown above.

Muzzle Device - Standard M16 flash suppressor/compensator.

Stag Arms 2R set up for long range shooting and Colt LE 6920 set up for short range shooting

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