M16A2 Clone - Colt 6601 Match Target HBAR

The Colt MH6601 is a semi-auto version of the U.S. M16A2 Rifle.

Colt Semi-Auto Match Target HBAR.

The Colt Match Target HBAR MH6601 is a slightly modified s a semi-automatic version of the Colt M16A2 rifle issued to the U.S. Armed Services.  Other than having a semi-automatic receiver, and trigger group, a heavier target barrel, and a ground off bayonet lug; it is the same gun as produced for the military.

The M16A2 is the version of the M-16 used by the U.S. Military during the First Persian Gulf War.  It had the forward assist and fenced magazine release receiver that were implemented as a result of combat lessons from Vietnam.  However, the barrel was changd to a 1 in 7 twist to fire the heavier 62g M855/SS-109 NATO round.  Additionally, the rear site was improved and made more adjustable, and the hand guards were changed to a round (versus triangular) profile.  Other than some Armalite test guns, Colt was the original manufacturer of the M-16.  Colt was also the exclusive Manufacturer of the M16A2s for the U.S. Military.   

Since they are the actual military manufacturer, certain civilian versions of the Colt (and FN) are true mil spec.  The Match Target HBAR MH6601 is a semi-automatic version of the M16A2 originally manufactured for the military.  As expected the 3rd burst capability was removed.  However, it also has a heavier profile target barrel, hence the abbreviation HBAR (Heavy BARrel). Colt makes several versions of the M4 and AR-15 (Semi-automatic M16) but the 6920 is the closest to the military issue guns.

Being true mil spec the Colts have several difference from normal AR15 clones (except FN and some Stag Arms).  These differences include:

        - Staked bolt carrier keys.

        - 1 in 7 twist barrel.

        - Proof tested and x-rayed bolt groups.

        - Inspection markings indicating milspec quality tests for various components.

        - Colt rollmarks and barrel markings.

Being built to true military specifications means that the Colts tend to be more a little more reliable and accurate than most of the clones costing less than $2,000.  Colts are also the most collectible brand of firearm and thus, the Colts tend to go up in value over time, if well cared for.


Version - Colt 6601 Match Target HBAR

Caliber - 5.56x45mm (optimized for heaver bullets like the M855/SS109)

Receiver - Alloy with all M16A2 features including A2 Sights on the carrying handle, forward bolt assist, shell deflector, and magazine release fence.

Action - Gas Operated Direct Impingement

Barrel - 20” chrome lined, HBAR profile with a 1 in 7 twist.

Overall Length 39.0”.

Weight - 8.0 lbs.

Hand Guard - M16A2 composite with correct diameter and heat shields.

Pistol Grip - M16A2 composite.

Stock - M16A2 Composite with butt trap for cleaning kit.

Magazines - Colt 9 rd, 20 rd, or 30 rd detachable box, depending upon the state the gun was shipped to.  Can take any standard AR magazine.

Sights - Dual Adjustable Aperture (A2 Style) and Post.

Bayonet - Lug not present.

Muzzle Device - Standard M16 flash suppressor/compensator.

Colt Semi-Auto Match Target HBAR below Colt LE6920 Carbine.

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