Browning High Power Clone - FEG PJK-9HP

The KBI PJK-9HP, made by FEG in Hungary, is an almost exact copy of a 1950s era Browning Hi-Power.

FEG PJK-9HP - Imported by KBI.

The Browning HP or High Power (also called GP35) is one of the great semi-auto pistol designs.  The High Power was created to meet a French Military requirement and was the last gun design with direct involvement by John Browning, though the design was perfected and completed by Dieudonne Saive.  In the end it failed to win the French military contract.  However, it represented a huge leap forward in handgun design.  

The High Power was a single action semi-automatic pistol based upon the M1911 swinging link design.  However, it was chambered in 9mm Parabellum and integrated a double stack magazine enabling it to hold 13 rounds in an era when 7 or 8 rounds was typical for full size pistols.  It also utilized a push button magazine release behind the trigger instead of the typical European heel release.

It was an accurate and reliable handgun with unrivaled (for the time) magazine capacity and thus eventually found favor with several military arms.   This included its home country Belgium but also the U.K. and its commonwealth where it was the standard issue handgun until the 2000s.  In the end it served with over 50 countries and, in World War II, it even was issued to both the Allies (UK and British Commonwealth) and Axis powers (Luftwaffe and Waffen SS).  It was manufactured by Fabrique Nationale until 2017, having been in production for 82 years.

Beyond FN the gun was produced under license by Inglis in Canada (supplying the Commonwealth in World War II) and in Argentina by FM.  It was also produced in unlicensed form by FEG in Hungary and others.  The FEG clones are especially good.  The FEG PJK-9HP mimics a 1950s era High Power with wood grips and a round hammer.  It even copies the 1950s style sights, which seem very difficult to use compared to modern 3 dot sights.  All parts, except the slide release are interchangeable with a FN High Powers from the same era.


Version - FEG PJK-9HP replica of the Browning HiPower

Caliber - 9 x 19mm Parabellum.

Frame - Steel.

Slide - Steel.

Action - Single Action Short Recoil.

Grips - Wood.

Barrel - 4.64”.

Overall Length - 7.8”.  

Weight - 2.2 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 13 rd Detachable Box.

Sights - Fixed Notch and Blade

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