FN Browning M1922

The FN Browning M1922 7.65mm (.32” ACP) pistol based upon Browning Model 1910.

Potwar FN Browning M1922.

The FN (Fabrique Nationale - Herstal) Browning M1922 was a modification of the very successful FN Browning M1910 blowback operation, stiker fired, semi-automatic pistol.  The gun was designed in response to a 60,000 gun order from Yugoslavia.  The M1922 featured a lengthened barrel and grip compared to the M1910 and was offered in both 7.65mm (.32” ACP) and 9mm Short (.380” ACP).   This gun also retained the grip safety of the M1910.

In addition to the order from Yugoslavia, prior to World War II, the M1922 was ordered in large number by France, Greece, the Netherlands, Romania, and Turkey for their police and military forces.   In World War II, after Belgium was overrun, the Germans produced over 300,000 of these pistols for the Wermacht and Luftwaffe.  After Belgium was liberated in 1944, production of this gun continued for the armed forces and police of Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.  A few years later it was also in service with West German police forces.  The M1922 was in production from 1922 until 1983, when Browning replaced it with the BDA380.


Version - Post War Browning M1922.

Caliber - 7.65mm (.32” ACP)

Frame - Steel.

Slide - Steel.

Action - Single Action Blowback

Grips - Wood.

Barrel - 4.5”.

Overall Length - 7.0”.  

Weight - 1.5 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 9 rd Detachable Box.

Sights - Fixed Notch and Blade.

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