FAL/L1A1 Clone - Century Arms International L1A1

The Century L1A1 looks like a British Commonwealth L1A1 in synthetic black furniture because that is, basically, what it is.

CAI L1A1 Clone built up on a commonwealth parts sets with a US receiver and furniture.

The FAL is one of the most prolific battle rifles of the 20th century and is used by over 50 countries.  It was produced in both Metric and Inch pattern versions.  The L1A1 was the inch pattern version and used by the Australian, British, Canadian, Indian, and New Zealand militaries.  The inch pattern was also usually made as a semi-automatic rifle with no fully automatic capability.

The Century Arms L1A1 is built using an inch pattern parts set and an American made receiver, barrel, stock set, muzzle brake, and other small internal parts.  The receiver is the correct inch pattern but the muzzle brake is incorrect and missing the bayonet lug. The butt-stock, though correct in profile, is missing the sling swivel.  Otherwise the rifle is a faithful replica of a composite stocked inch pattern FAL.  The carrying handle, sights, and charging handle are all correct.  The bolt even has the lightening cuts.


Version - CAI L1A1

Caliber - .308” NATO (7.62x51mm).

Receiver - Milled American made inch pattern.

Action - Gas Operated Short Stroke Piston

Barrel - 20.8”.  

Overall Length 41.0”.

Weight - 10.0 lbs.

Hand Guard - Composite American Made.

Pistol Grip - Composite American Made.

Stock - Composite American Made.

Magazines - 20 rd detachable box.

Sights - Dual Aperture Peep Sight and Post.

Bayonet - Lug not present

Muzzle Device - American Made Multi-Holed Muzzle Break

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