Beretta M9A1

The M9A1 is the final U.S. Military version of the Beretta M9 and is issued to the USMC.

Beretta M9A1 with the Safety Off and no Weapon Light attached

The M9A1 is an improved version of the Beretta M9, developed for the USMC.   The USMC initially ordered 20,000 and followed up with additional smaller orders.  There are several improvements over the standard M9 including: 

        - Mil 1913 accessory rail for attaching tactical lights and lasers.

        - Extra checkering on the front and back straps.

        - Re-profiled trigger-guard.

        - Beveled magazine well.

        - Specially coated 15rd sand resistant magazines.  

Several thousand of these have been ordered by the USMC and it is also available for civilian sale, with the only difference being some of the slide markings.


Version - Beretta M9A1

Caliber - 9 x 19mm Parabellum

Frame - Alloy with M1913 rail for weapon light mounting.

Slide - Steel.

Action - Double/Single Action, Locking Block.

Grips - Plastic

Barrel - 4.9”.

Overall Length - 8.5”.  

Weight - 2.12 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 15 rd sand resistant detachable box, but any standard beretta M9 or 92 series magazine will work.

Sights - 3 Dot Notch and Blade.

Beretta M9A1 with Insight/Streamlight M6 Weapon Light/Laser.

The most noticeable difference between the Beretta M9/92FS and the M9A1 is the rail for mounting a weapon light.

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