ARX160 Clone - Beretta ARX100

The Beretta ARX100 is semi-automatic version of the Beretta ARX160 Military Rifle.

ARX100 set up as an Albanian Special Forces rifle with an EOTech 512, lower Picatinny rail and Handgrip.

There have been 3 generations of military rifles since the end of World War 2.   These generations are described below:

1st Generation

This generation attempted to decrease production time and costs of military rifles, while increasing combat effectiveness.  Costs were reduced via increased use of metal                 stampings and castings.  Combat effectiveness was increased via semi-automatic and full automatic firepower and increased magazine capacity (20rds).  However, the use of full-power rifle cartridges (primarily .308/7.62x51 & 7.62x39), made these weapons very heavy and difficult to operate in full-auto.  Rifles of this generation include the AK47/AKM, FAL/L1A1, G3 and M14.  Semi-Automatic versions of most of these rifles are available, but their cost is typically around $1500, due to extensive use of heavily machined steel. 

2nd Generation

This generation continued the drive to decrease production time and costs, while further increasing combat effectiveness.  Costs were reduced via extensive use of stampings, and aluminum alloys with a reduction in machining of parts.   Combat effectiveness was increased via even higher capacity magazines (30rds) of lighter and smaller calibers (.(5.56x45 and 5.45x39).  Almost all rifles of this generation are full-auto capable but they remain controllable due to the lower power ammo and improved ergonomics.  The primary rifles of this generation are the M16/M4 and AK74 families of rifles.  Also included bullpups, like the AUG, FAMAS, and SA80 as well as other designs, like the SIG550.

3rd Generation

This is the generation that succeeded the M16/M4 and AKM/AK74.  It has less emphasis on cost reduction and more emphasis on combat effectiveness.  Plastics are used extensively, even for receivers, but the focus is on reducing weight instead of costs.  Combat effectiveness has been improved via the increased use of combat optics and suppressors and better ergonomics with adjustable stocks and better controls.  Rifles of this generation include the ARX, G36, SCAR, SIG MCX, and Tavor.

The ARX100 is a semi-automatic civilian version of the Beretta ARX160, which is a 3rd generation military rifle.  The ARX100 is almost identical to the ARX160, except that it does not have the full-auto capability.  It became available in the U.S. market in late 2014.

The ARX was developed for the Italian military in the early 2000s and first issued in 2008.  It has seen combat service in Afghanistan with the Italian armed forces.  It is also used by the armies of Albania, Bahrain, and Turkmenistan and by special forces and police forces in Kazakhstan, Mexico, Pakistan, and United States.

The ARX is perhaps the most ambidextrous rifle in production.  It has safeties, bolt releases, and magazine releases on both the right and left sides but what really sets it apart is the ability to have charging levers or ejection out either the left or right sides.  This can also, all be done without tools.

The ARX uses a short stroke piston, instead of gas impingement (like the M16).  This enables the rifle to run very clean and the rifle is in fact designed to run without lubrication.  The barrel and bolt are also interchangeable, again without tools.  This enables the gun to use both 16” and 11” barrels in 5.56x45 NATO and 7.62x39mm (potentially .300 AAC Blackout).  

The ARX has a full length picitanny rail on the top, 4” sections on each side, and a 1.5” section on the bottom.  These allow a wide variety of optics and accessories to be fitted.  There is also a special length of rail enabling the attachment of a Beretta 40mm grenade launcher. It also, has a 4 position stock that folds to the right and allows the gun to still be fired when folded.


Version - Beretta ARX100

Caliber - 5.56x45mm (7.62x39mm Conversions also available)

Receiver - Plastic with a full length M1913 rail.

Action - Gas Operated Long Piston

Butt Stock - Plastic and metal side folding with 4 positions.

Pistol Grip - M16A2 Style Plastic Grip

Hand Guards - Plastic with M1913 Rail sections at 3, 6, and 9 o-clock.

Barrel - 16.0” Quick Change Barrel.  (11.0” Barrels also available which make the gun a NFA regulated Short Barreled Rifle)

Overall Length 35.75” with the stock extended.

Weight - 6.8 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 30 rd Detachable Box STANAG magazines: Gen 1 & 2 P-Mags, and Steel ARX160 magazines.

Sights - Beretta Adjustable Rear Aperture and Post.

Bayonet - 6” Blade.

Muzzle Device - Standard M16 flash suppressor/compensator.

ARX100 with side folding stock folded.

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