AKMS Clone - Armory USA PMKMS

The Armory USA PMKMS is semi-auto replica of a 1980s era Polish PMKMS Underfolder. 

Armory USA PMKMS clone of a Polish PMKMS Underfolder with the underflowing stock extended.

The PMKMS is a Polish copy of a Russian AKMS that was built in Poland in the 1980s while they were still part of the Warsaw Pact.  The AKMS was the folding stock version of the AKM.  The only differences from the AKM are that the receiver is altered to attach an under-folding metal stock that copies the World War II German MP38/MP40 submachine gun stock in design.

The Armory USA PMKMS is a U.S. made AK assembled from U.S. parts and a Polish military under folder parts set.  With a swap of the pistol grip it can be a near exact copy of a AKMS which is the folding stock variant of the AKM.  Since this is built with actual Polish parts sets, there are only 3 major differences from a real PMKMS:

        - The rifle has a semi-auto fire control group.

        - The receiver is made in the U.S. and 1.5mm thick instead of the usual 1.0mm thickness on most AKM/AKMS receivers.

        - The pistol grip is a Black Plastic U.S. made copy of an AKM/AKMS pistol grip.  This is easily replaced by a Plum colored U.S. made copy for a more authentic look.

These rifles are extremely high quality with tolerances much tighter than a typical AK.  This makes them more accurate than your typical AKM/AKMS.  However, an unfortunate side effect of these tight tolerances is that many AK magazines are a very tight fit.


Version - Armory USA PMKMS.

Caliber - 7.62x39mm. 

Receiver - Stamped Steel with correct dimples and rivets but 1.5mm thick instead of the usual 1.0mm.  Receiver made by Armory USA in Houston, TX.

Action - Gas Operated Long Stroke Piston. 

Barrel - 16.3”.

Overall Length - 36.2” Extended and 25.8” Folded.

Weight - 7.7 lbs. 

Hand Guards - Laminated Wood with correct palm swells and reinforcing pins.

Pistol Grip - Checkered Black Plastic - Can be replaced by U.S. Made Plum Grip to remain legal and better match the actual PMKMS grip.

Folding Stock - Underflowing steel with correct dimples and rivets. 

Magazines - 30 rd detachable box (also 5 rd, 40 rd & 75 rd drum).

Sights - Notched Ladder and Post.

Bayonet - 5.75” Blade.

Muzzle Device - Slant Compensator.

2 PMKMS clones showing the underflowing stock both extended and folded

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