This website is dedicated to providing information on historically significant and innovative firearms that can be collected in the US.  Some of the firearms on this site are not legally available in all states.  However, they are all legally available, to people who can legally own guns, in several states (AK, AL, AR, AZ, FL, GA, LA, IA, ID, MO, MT, OK, NC, ND, NH, NM, SC, SD, UT, TX, WY)  in the US.  Please ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws before attempting to collect and obtain these, or any other, firearms, as the penalties for non-compliance can be severe. 

In cases like classic Colt revolvers, original examples can be worth over $100,000 but historically accurate replicas as shown on this site, can be purchased for less than $500.  The same is true with semi-auto clones.  Select fire originals of these guns require a special Class III License and cost upwards of $10,000.  However, semi-automatic replicas, often using many original parts can be purchased for $2,000 or less in most cases.  The handguns and WW II rifles on this site are widely available, for  $500 to $1,000 in most cases.   However, some states may limit modern handgun magazines to 10rd or less.

On this site guns appear in the categories they most closely resemble rather than their legal classification.  For example a pistol may appear under the rife category for the carbine design that it closely resembles or a firearm may appear under the category of shotgun.  Also, this site is not meant to be a complete encyclopedia, so important firearms are missing and your favorites may not be present.  However, new firearms are added over time, so check back frequently and your favorite gun may appear.

Long Guns

Lever Action Rifles:  Examples of lever action rifles.

Military Bolt Action Rifles:  Examples of military issue bolt action rifles from the 1920s to 1950s, including World War II.

WWII Military Semi-Auto Rifles:  Examples of military issues semi-automatic rifles from World War II.

Post War Military Rifles:  Examples of military issue semi-automatic rifles from the end of World War II to the current day.

Kalishnikov Clones:  Examples of semi-automatic clones of Avtomat Kalishnikova (AK) pattern military rifles.

Modern Sporting Rifles:  Examples of semi-automatic clones of military rifles from the 1950s to the current day.

Modern Sporting Carbines & Pistols:  Examples of semi-automatic clones of military carbines from the 1950s to the current day.

Other Modern Rifles & Carbines:  Examples of other post 1950 rifles and carbines.

Shot Guns

Military & Police Shotguns & Firearms:  Examples of military and police issues weapons firing 12 gauge shot shells.

Hunting Shotguns:  Examples of shotguns primarily used for hunting.

Hand Guns

Colt Black Powder Revolver Replicas:  Examples of replicas of Colt black powder revolvers.

Colt Single Action Army Revolver Replicas:  Examples of replicas of Colt Single Action Army revolvers.

Modern Revolvers:  Examples of modern revolvers.

Soviet Bloc Revolvers & Pistols:  Examples of Soviet Bloc revolvers and pistols.

Pre WWII European Pistol Designs:  Examples of pistols designed in Europe prior to World War II.

1911 Style Pistols:  Examples of pistols based upon the Colt M1911.

Beretta 92/M9 Service Pistols:  Examples of military or police Issue Beretta 92/M9 series pistols.

Sig Sauer Service Pistols:  Examples of military or police issue pistols manufactured by Sig Sauer.

Other Service Pistols:  Examples of military or police issue pistols not based upon Beretta 92/M9, Colt M1911, or Sig Sauer designs.

Concealed Carry Pistols:  Examples of modern pistols designed for concealed carry by civilians

Other Pistols:  Examples of other pistol designs not typically issued to military or police units.

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